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It is fairly easy to cut a tree down but when it comes to removing the tree stump, things become a little difficult. The length of the tree roots depends upon the age of the tree. The older the tree stump is, the longer its roots will be. One easy way of removing a tree stump is by rotting it. However, if the tree stump has already begun to rot, you can move straight to the stump removal process. In order to remove the stump, you will need to arrange specific equipment.

Here are some tips on removing a rotting tree stump.

Start Digging

Now that you’ve made it to the stump removal process, you must now start digging. The area that surrounds the base of the tree stump needs to be dug, using a shovel. If the stump is above the level of the ground, stump removal becomes very easy. The stump that is exposed above the ground can prove useful in determining the length of the roots, which have spread.

Follow the Roots

The digging around the tree stump is now complete. The next step is to follow the roots of the tree stump. In order to follow the roots of the tree stump, you must dig along them. Start following the roots from where they can be seen. Reach the ends of the roots to figure out their length.  There are times, when the roots are hidden under the ground, hence more digging is required.

Cut the Roots

Now that the length of the roots has been determined, the roots must now be cut near the tree stump. Once the roots are cut, it becomes fairly convenient to remove the stump from the ground. Hold the stump tightly, and move it in a back and forth motions. With constant force being applied, the stump can easily come off. If you lack the strength to remove it with your hand, tie a chain around the stump with the other end attached to a vehicle. Drive the vehicle in the opposite direction. Once the stump is removed, it can be broken down into smaller pieces, and used for firewood. 

Pry the Roots

Once the stump is off, the roots should be pried with a hoe. Try to get rid of as much roots as possible. You can even cut the roots with a sharp axe. You don’t even need to remove the entire root. Just remove the largest parts and they won’t regrow.

At the end, just fill the empty hole with dirt that you ended up with, while digging. A rotting tree stump can serve as a breeding ground for pests and fungi, which can be harmful for human health, as well as the environment.