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Cutting a tree down is an easy process, while removing a tree stump isn’t. A tree stump, apart from being unsightly, can be detrimental for the environment as well as for human and animal health. Therefore, it must be removed without any delay. It can serve as a breeding ground for pests and fungal growth. Furthermore, tree stumps are obstructions which can make you tumble and fall if you fail to watch out. One of the many ways of getting rid of a tree stump is by burning it.

Here are some tips on how to burn a tree stump.

Know Your Law

A tree stump is one great nuisance and must be gotten rid of immediately. If you are planning on burning a tree stump down, you must be well aware of the laws in your area. You need to ensure, whether or not the laws in your area allow the burning of things in residential areas. Sometimes, you need special permits for burning things down in a residential area. If such is the case, apply for the permit right way. Before you move forth, do not forget to have a detailed word with the fire department.

Start Drilling Holes

When everything is sorted, cut the upper level of the tree stump with a chainsaw, and try to bring it as close to the ground as possible. Once the tree stump has attained a suitable height, start drilling holes. The first hole must be drilled in the centre, and its depth should at least be 10 inches. There must be a gap of 2 to 3 inches between the holes.

Fill the Holes

Now that the holes have been drilled, comes the part where they need to be filled. You might be wondering what the holes need to be filled with. To answer your question, the holes must be filled with potassium nitrate. Next up, pour hot water into the holes, to dissolve potassium nitrate. Leave the tree stump filled with potassium nitrate and water for several weeks.

Use Kerosene

Once potassium nitrate has been absorbed into the wood, pour kerosene onto the tree stump, and leave it for another few weeks. Once the wood is completely soaked in kerosene, you can set the tree stump on fire.

Make Necessary Preparations

Now, you are all set to bring the fire in, but wait. Before you set the stump on fire, don’t skimp on making the necessary preparations. Remove all the dead leaves and debris from the tree stump area. Surround the tree stumps with rocks, and place more logs of wood onto the stump for a better job. To keep things safe, keep a pale of water by your side.


A tree stump takes a couple of days to fully burn out. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the burning stump and reignite it if the fire goes out. Once the stump is fully burnt, remove the burnt matter with a shovel and remove the roots.