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Almost every homeowner has gone through the hassle of cutting down trees. However, the process of tree removal doesn’t end with the tree being cut. The stump of the tree still needs to be removed. Removing the stump is more complicated and expensive than removing the tree itself. To avoid the trouble, people let go of the stump and let it be the way it is. Leaving out the tree stumps is not the solution to the problem.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to get rid of a tree stump.

1. Pests

A tree stump that is not removed tends to decompose with time. The decomposition process is both sluggish and filthy. This process is triggered by the pests that start showing up once the tree is removed. One of the most common pests to form nests within the tree stumps are ants. However, these ants aren’t confined to the tree stump. Soon, they start to appear in your home, which results in a pest infestation problem.  

2. Fungal Growth

Pests aren’t the only things to appear on the tree stumps after the removal of a tree. Soon after your tree is removed, you begin to notice strange plants growing on top of the tree stumps. Not only are they visually unappealing, but they’re also extremely difficult to remove. Removing these unsightly plants requires special chemicals. Using chemicals to remove these plants can prove detrimental to other plants that are growing by. Fungi and mushrooms, which are unsightly and poisonous, can also grow on tree stumps.

3. Safety Concerns

Apart from paving the way for pests and fungi, tree stumps raise major safety concerns for the kids. If you have children, you can understand how they love to play and run around. Because the tree stumps, kids can trip and fall and sustain wounds and injuries. If you are planning to use a lawnmower in the yard, try to use it away from the tree stumps. Lawnmowers can get damaged if they come in contact with a solid piece of wood, such as a tree stump.

4. Property Value

We have discussed in the previous paragraphs how tree stumps can serve as a safe haven for pests and fungi. This blemishes the beauty of your yard and depreciates the value of your property. First of all, nobody will be compelled to buying a house that contains filthy-looking tree stumps in the yard. If you manage to remove the tree stump, you can fill the space with something worthwhile like a little fountain, pond, or a flowerbed.

5. Root Growth

If the tree stumps are left on their own, chances are that their roots will grow. This will prove unfavorable for the surrounding environment. If left untreated, these roots will damage your plumbing the sidewalk and even your house. It is best to remove tree stumps, while they are fresh. If they are allowed the time, their roots will do a considerable amount of damage to your property.


The aforementioned are just some of the many reasons to remove tree stumps. Tree stumps are harmful for your health, your pets and your property. If left untreated they will destroy the curb appeal of your property, and decrease its value.