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Have you just recently cut a tree down in your yard? Does that unsightly tree stump bother you? If so, then continue reading for we are about to share with you four ways of removing a tree stump. Tree stumps apart from destroying your curb appeal; serve as breeding grounds for pests and fungi. This unhealthy biological growth is extremely dangerous for your health, as well as your environment.

Here are some ways to remove a tree stump in your yard, without seeking professional assistance.

1. Digging It Out

This is a manual method of stump removal. It is labor-intensive and may last for a couple of days or even weeks. To dig a stump out, you need an ax and a shovel.

Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Dig around the roots of the stump with a shovel, and try to expose as many roots as possible.
  • Once the digging is over and the roots exposed, start cutting the exposed roots. To cut the roots into pieces, use a saw or loppers. You can even use an ax for cutting the roots, but this is optional. An ax can break when it strikes a hard surface.
  • Now that the roots are removed, you can easily remove the stump. Try digging under the stump with a shovel. Remove the remaining roots using a saw or an ax.

2. Grind the Stump

This method of stump removal must be carried out by a mechanically-inclined individual.

  • To begin with, you’ll need to rent a stump grinder. This equipment will grind the tree stump to its roots. Once ground, the depth of the tree stump will be approximately one foot below the ground. Make sure you wear goggles, hear muffs and gloves while operating a grinder.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions before operating the tree grinder. Place the machine over the stump and start to grind. It will continue to grind the stump until it reaches its roots.
  • With a shovel and remove all the grindings off the ground.
  • The hole must then be filled with sawdust.
  • Set some wood on fire on top of the tree stump. Wood from the tree that is cut can be used as fuel. Surround the stump with more wood to fuel the fire up.
  • To keep the fire large and burning, keep on adding more wood to the fire. Continue to do so until the stump has burnt down to the ground.
  • After the stump is burnt, pull out the ash from the hole with a shovel.
  • Just like the previous method, fill the hole with sawdust.
  • Drill holes in the stump to pour in the chemicals. There must be a significant distance between the holes that you have drilled. Pour the chemicals in and allow them to stay.
  • The chemicals will take a few weeks until the stump has softened and started to rot.
  • Once the stump has softened, use a shovel to remove the pieces of wood, until the stump has leveled to the ground.

3. Burn the Stump

4. Use Chemicals

The aforementioned tips will help you remove a tree stump on your own without seeking professional support.