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Tree stumps, also referred to as aesthetic destroyers are unsightly and also unhealthy for the environment. They ruin the curb appeal of your property and also decrease the real estate value. Normally, a tree stump must be removed, following the removal of the tree. However, due to some reason these stumps are left uncut. Removing a tree stump is harder than it seems, and special arrangements need to be made.

Here are some things to consider before removing a tree stump.

1. Regulations of the City Council

A lot of the homeowners feel they can do anything on their property, which is true to some extent. However, there are certain things that you need a legal permission for, and tree removal is one of them. Before you cut a tree, or remove a tree stump, it is wise to take a look at the local laws about tree and stump removal in your area. There are circumstances in which you and your tree removal service provider are subject to the permission, granted by the authorities. Before you remove a tree stump, might as well have a word with the city council. Go through their rules and regulations on tree removal.

2. Do You Really Need a Grinder?

There are several DIY methods of removing a filthy-looking tree stump. Some people burn it, while others opt for a stump removal grinder. But, is a grinder the answer to your needs. The grinders available in the marketplace vary in terms of the nature of wood that needs to be cut. Do you know what it means? It means that grinders aren’t always the best option when it comes to removing a tree stump. To be really honest, a grinder can end up costing you a lot more than its actual price. On the other hand, a professional tree removal service can help you get the job done, quickly and effectively.

3. Damage to the Property

One of the facts about tree roots is that they never stop growing. As a result, they damage the underground plumbing as well as the structure of your house. Interestingly, it is nearly impossible for a homeowner to predict where the roots might be. This is where a tree removal service comes in. The professionals working for such services are skilled and experienced, when it comes to exploring tree roots, and removing them.

4. Stump Removal Is a Difficult Process

No matter how effective your tools are, stump removal is still and arduously difficult task. There are times when the stump and its roots are dead, and don’t require removal. Yet again, without the proper knowledge, it is difficult to deduce whether or not the stump is dead. A professional on the other hand can tell the condition of a tree stump, and what must be done.


Before you remove a tree stump on your property, it is better to have deep understanding of the aforementioned factors. However, it is better to seek help from a professional tree removal service.