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Are you of the opinion that it is alright to keep a tree stump in your yard? Well, after reading this article you will surely change your mind. Tree stumps aren’t just an unsightly strain on your eyes, but they also occupy valuable space. Furthermore, they are dangerous for your health as well as your environment.

Here are some reasons why a tree stump must be removed.

1. A Breeding Ground for Pests

It doesn’t take long after a tree is removed, that a stump starts to rot. When that happens, it starts to attract pests. A rotting tree stump serves as a haven for beetles, ants, termites and all sorts of creepy crawlers that you can think of. These pests can be as harmful to your home as much as they are to your garden. There are several DIY methods of stump removal that you can apply. If you fail to do it on your own, you can seek help from a professional tree removal service.

2. Stumbling and Falling

If you have a tree stump in your yard, you might have become accustomed to their annoying presence. But the guests who visit you aren’t aware that there is a tree stump in your yard. There is always a chance of tripping and falling with low-height tree stumps. Imagine it this way; you are having a barbeque in your yard. At least one of the guests might stumble and fall because of a tree stump, and hurt themselves.  Low tree stumps are equally dangerous for children and senior citizens. If you are a sociable person who likes hosting guests in your yard, you need to get rid of the tree stump right away.

3. Tree Stumps Grow Fast

Contrary to popular belief, a tree stump doesn’t die down on its own, once the tree is cut. There are times when stumps die on their own, but usually, they contribute to more growth around them. You might not notice it, but those stumps are actually sucking the minerals and nutrients from your soil. A tree stump sucks all the nutrition that could have been used to fertilize the plants, flowers, and trees in your garden. They also serve as a hotbed for moss, fungi, and mushrooms. This unhealthy biological growth is poisonous and can be life-threatening for your children and pets.

4. They Are an Obstruction

Tree stumps are hurdles that keep you from moving around freely in your yard, especially when you mow the lawn. Your lawnmower can get damaged if it comes in contact with the stiff tree stump. Instead of spending heavy amounts of money on repairing your lawnmower, invest in having that tree stump removed.

These were just some of the numerous downsides of having a tree stump in your yard. The next time you cut a tree, don’t allow the stump to stay and have it removed as soon as possible.