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So, you want to clear a field for a gardening project. You cut down the trees and remove all the debris and rocks, but the tree stumps are yet to be removed.  Removing tree stumps is much harder than removing trees. Have you ever wondered why trees that are more than a hundred years old keep standing, despite the rough weather conditions? It is because of the roots that are embedded deeply into the ground. The strong structure of the roots is the reason why removing a tree stump is an arduously difficult task.

Stump removal, although a difficult task can be simplified if you possess the right tools. Let’s take a look at three effective tools for removing a tree stump.

1. Mattock

If you want to remove a tree stump in an old conventional way, a mattock is all you need. Wait, you have never heard about a mattock? Well, a mattock is a tool that is similar to a pickaxe. It either has a single blade or a pair of blades, along with a pick. A mattock makes it easier to dig and cut through the roots.  It is not suitable for cutting the stump of something as big as a maple tree, but it can certainly be used to cut away smaller stumps.

2. Backhoe or Tractor

Once you get hold of the right attachments, there is nothing better than a tractor for tree stump removal. Speaking of attachments, when it comes to digging a stump out of the ground, a backhoe attachment proves useful. A tree stump can also be pulled out of the ground with a chain, which is attached to a drawbar. But in order to pull out a tree with a chain and a drawbar, you might have to cut a few roots first. Caution must be used when removing something as tough as a tree stump.

3. Stump Grinder

As the name suggests, a stump grinder is a machine that actually grinds away tree stumps. While grinding, a stump grinder breaks a stump down into smaller chunks or pieces of wood. Stump grinders come in a variety of designs and sizes. Some grinders are as small as the size of a hand-handled lawnmower. Others are big in size, capable of getting rid of giant sized tree stumps. Some stump grinders can be used as tractor attachments, which save you from the hassle of maintaining a separate machine.

The need to invest in a stump grinder depends upon the number and size of stumps that require removal.  Using a stump grinder can be messy process for throws away chunks of wood. To ensure safety, the task must be assigned to a tree removal professional.

These are just a handful of the several tools and methods of stump removal. Other methods require chemicals, and a lot of time and patience. But to get started, the aforementioned tips are extremely useful.